Parent Support Program

We give you the skills and resources needed to create nurturing family relationships.

About this program

This strength based program works one-on-one with parents to improve parenting skills, develop connections in the community and create a safe, nurturing home environment. The end result is an empowered parent with the skills and resources needed to independently handle the challenges of raising children.

Our Family Support Specialists work with the family and all systems to meet immediate needs. Short and long term goals are created along with an achievable action plan. Meetings are held either in-home or in a community based setting at a convenient time for the family to increase family participation and enhance progress.

Who is this for?

The Parent Support Program is for any family member in a parenting role.

How does it work?

Our Family Support Specialists meet with each family 2-3 times per week depending on the needs of the family. We coordinate all meetings and communication with all systems involved throughout the program. A Support Specialist is available for assistance and guidance at all times. The average length of the program is at least 12 but no more than 36 weeks.

What will this program help me with?

The primary goal of the Parent Support Program is to empower parents with the skills and resources needed to independently address the various challenges of raising children.

Focus is placed on the areas listed below that, in our experience, are of the greatest need and create maximum change in lifestyle and parenting:

  • Overcoming the barriers to fulfilling basic needs (i.e. housing/homelessness, food, clothing, health care, etc..)
  • Parenting skills such as behavior management, child development and parent-child communication
  • Household management techniques including time and money management and home safety
  • Life skills including interpersonal communication, social support, healthy relationships, anger management and stress management
  • Understanding on the effects of domestic violence, substance abuse and mental health on parenting and children